Volkswagen Kombi - The Last Wishes

After 63 years, the last Kombi production line in the world closed its doors in Brazil. Our job was to announce the discontinuation and advertise the special series, “Kombi Last Edition.” Instead of making a cold economic announcement, our strategy was to show the Kombi as an icon. Practically a member of the family on its way out. We created an “unlaunch” campaign, inviting people to visit the site, submit their stories with the car, and see the “Last Edition.” We chose the most emblematic stories and publish the “Kombi’s Will.” This is the tribute film that shows the realization of the car last wishes.

Art Directors: Benjamin Yung Jr. and Marcelo Tolentino.
Copywriters: Marcelo Nogueira and Marcelo Pignatari Rosas.

Case Study

Unlaunch Ad that started the campaign.

Last Wishes ad that communicated who the car's heirs were.