Trip Airlines

Researches show that Trip is perceived as a different Airline. Its's satisfaction rates among consumers are much higher than its competitors. For that reason we created the tagline: "TRIP. There's something different in the air." and to communicate this we created a TV SPOT that also worked as entertainment, as you listen to the 7 main differences of the company you could also try to spot the 7 differences on the images.

Creative Directors: Benjamin Yung Jr. and Cassio Zanatta.
Art Directors:
Benjamin Yung Jr. and Paulo Junger.
Copywriters: Cassio Zanatta and Marcelo Yuji Sato.



Spot the 7 differences.
At TRIP your flight is always on time.
Our staff attends your needs.
We have new aircrafts,
and with no middle seat.
No other airline fly to over 80 destinies in Brazil.
We have the most satisfied passengers
and cheaper tickets.
TRIP. There's something different in the air.