GettY Images - NOsferatu: The non-silent film

Why just say that Getty Images' audio stock is incredible if we can create something incredible with it?
We chose a silent film from 1922, which is already in the public domain, and we created sound for it from scratch. The sound design, the soundtrack, the voices, sound effects, the terrifying atmosphere, everything. And we transformed the classic silent film Nosferatu into “Nosferatu – The Non-Silent Film.” The most iconic vampire of all time was given a voice. In fact, he got a lot more than that. The film became an online video on the project’s website. Users who watch the film can follow along with the accompanying sound timeline. And when they pause it, they can click on each original sound and listen to it separately. All they have to do is click on “Buy sound” to be taken to the Getty Images website where they can purchase the original file.

Creative Directors: Benjamin Yung Jr. , Marcelo Nogueira, Andre Gola, Pernil and Bruno Prosperi.
Copywriters: Rodrigo Resende and Daniel Oksenberg
Art Directors: Renato Butori and Hauck Araújo

Digital Creative Director: Luciana Haguiara and Pedro Burneiko
Interface Designer: Ingrid Bugarin
Audio Production: Punch Audio


Click on the image bellow to visit the website and watch the full movie


We gave old posters a new look to invite potencial Getty Images' clients for the premiere event at a classic movie theater.