SKY - In what age are you living?

SKY is the best cable TV in the country, its technology is more advanced than its competitors and that's the reason it's a little more expensive. We created a campaign to communicate consumers that if they don't have SKY it's like if they were living in a past age.


The first commercial shows how much SKY is a revolution on your TV by comparing it to the French Revolution. SKY's spokerwoman Gisele Bündchen plays the roll of Marie Antoinette. The King Luiz XVI is desperate because the peasants are invading the castle while she is calmingly watching SKY. In the end she presents the peasants this revolution on TV and they all get along watching it. They even ask Luiz XVI to microwake some popcorn but he claims it has not been invented yet and offers "Brioches".

Creative Directors: Benjamin Yung Jr. and Cassio Zanatta.
Art Directors:
Benjamin Yung Jr. and Rodrigo L. Rodrigues
Copywriters: Cassio Zanatta and Ricardo Martin Neto.

In this second TV SPOT, Luiz XVI asks Gisele "Maria Antonieta" to make a male heir to be the next king.
She replies that's too old fashioned because nowadays woman took over control and besides that SKY treats all its consumers as kings. Luiz XVI gets sad and she tells him not to behave like "such a princess".

Wild West

On the second phase of the campaign we went to the Wild West. The famous brazilian volleyball players and their coach sponsored by SKY were used as actors playing the how of cowboys. In the first spot the older cowboy played by the Brazilian Team Coach arrives in a saloon and using a more advanced remote control wins a duel against a younger cowboy.

Creative Directors: Benjamin Yung Jr. and Cassio Zanatta.
Art Directors: 
Benjamin Yung Jr. and Enio Kawahara.
Copywriters: Cassio Zanatta and Carlos Castelo Branco.

On this second spot, an angry cowboy enters the saloon and another one tries to convince him to get SKY and live a happier life with all it has to offer.