Radio Kiss FM - 2016

Kiss FM is the most traditional rock station in the country. It's name is also a tribute to the famous band KISS. Unfortunately rock has lost a lot of ground in the music scene. Even KISS' Gene Simmons recently said "rock is dead". But can rock ever die?  To celebrate rock and its 15th anniversary, Kiss FM did this campaign.

Creative Directors: Benjamin Yung Jr. and Marcelo Nogueira.
Digital Creative Directors: Luciana Haguiara and Pedro Burneiko.
Creative Technologist: Renato Jun Okida
Art Directors: Henrique Del Lama and Hauck Araújo.
Copywriters: Fernando Duarte and Henrique Castilho.



More than a simple film, we created a social platform experience, where the users could discover more about the rock’n roll deaths through tips and easter eggs inserted in almost every scene of the content. With attention to details (and curiosity) the viewers could discover who were the rockstars portrayed on the film, details about each death, locations etc. All through social media profiles, coordinates on google maps or even more complex tips, like ASCII codes and hidden frames.

click on the image bellow to watch the case study: