I love photography.
When I travel I carry my camera around and like to find details
and see traditional things in a different way.



This work was done with using one single picture I took from the outside of the Guggenheim building.


"The museum that nobody sees"

These are pictures I took from the New York Moma's floor, air vent and a table support.
The parts of the museum nobody pays attention to.

25th Biennial of Art - ''Metropolitan Iconographies''

Poster that won the national competition
for the 25th Biennial of Art of São Paulo which had
the theme ''Metropolitan Iconographies''.

Theatrical Poster for the movie "Broken Town"

In the ghettos of the greatest metropolis in Brazil, a midst flying bullets, love and any number of hurdles,
young people's stories mingle and collide in the search for dreams and choices.
Inspired by true stories, the feature film "Broken Town" reveals the struggle faced and the choices made
by teenagers who have always been surrounded by weapons, crime, and hardship.